EvolveICM: Flexible and Powerful Incentive Compensation Management
Be in Control of your Sales Channel Performance
  • Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Incentivize Sales Growth

  • Supports All Lines of Business

  • Stay Compliant with CMS

EvolveICM Key Features

Calculate Payments in Minutes, not Hours

Calculate eight figure commission payments in under 10 minutes.

Seamless Integration with 3rd Party Systems

Error-free processing of enrollment data, CMS files, broker certification data and much more.

Automate Commissions Processes

Schedule automatic file transfers, calculations, statement release dates and more.

Conditional Payment Calculations

Calculate payments by contract, plan, market, region, groups, broker or other custom definitions.

Configurable Commissionable Events

Configure rules for plan changes, AOR changes, and other complex multi-plan commissionable events.

Intuitive and Powerful Incentive Structures

Grow your sales channel with custom incentive structures configurable at any hierarchy level. Ensure everyone has an incentive.

Unlimited Hierarchy Levels

Configure unlimited hierarchy levels and compute commissionable events at every level.

Simplified Payments of Incentives

Assign payees, redirect, advance or pro-rate payments at every level.

Flexible Negative Balance Management

Robust chargeback and retro-active adjustment logic.