EvolveLeads: Integrated Lead Management

Track Sales Leads From Click to Close

Intuitive Design

Adopting new software is a hastle, especially when you’re trying to improve your company’s productivity. That’s why our lead management solution offers an intuitive design that reduces training times and boosts adoption rates.

Rank your Leads

Prioritize qualified leads who are ready to close over those who need more work.
Assign Leads

Assign Leads

Save time and resources by automatically assigning leads to the right sales person by performance or region.
Track Lead Progress

Track Lead Progress

Organize your follow-ups and schedule meetings. Configure reminders to help you stay on top of things.
Lead Management Features

Intuitive User Experience

Simple and clean UI designed to require as few inputs as possible by the end-user.

Mobile and Desktop Accessible

Polished Mobile application enables optimal usability for agents working on the road.

Inbound and Outbound Communication

Integrated Voice over IP, Text and Email messaging.

Sophisticated Distribution Methods

Automatically assign leads based on proximity (geo-location API), performance metrics, or custom-defined logic.

Lead Efficiency

Define lead re-assignment parameters. Move expiring leads from inactive agents to top-performers.

Intelligent Disposition Workflows

Dispositions requiring follow-up actions automatically create events in an integrated calendar.

Analytical Insight on Lead Conversion

Create and export reports to gain valuable insight to your sales campaigns.

Integrate with EvolveEnroll

Converted leads generate automatic web applications with the insurrance carrier.