An End-To-End Suite of Software Solutions for Sales Channel Management

Broker Compensation and Sales Performance Management Software

Insurance producers and agencies face an ever-growing demand for better performance and increased sales. Sales performance management (SPM) software helps increase sales and profits while decreasing cost, and is recognized in the insurance industry as a crucial solution in a competitive market.

EvolveNXT offers a suite of software solutions that was built specifically for health insurance providers, but can be used for any provider/broker commissions centered business.

Our software solution targets key areas of sales channel management to improve your operational efficiency and boost your bottom line.

The EvolveNXT sales performance management software has two main core components:

The Core Components

Provider Administrative
Helps insurance companies organize, distribute, and manage information and sales incentives, track leads and sales, calculate commissions for their agencies and brokers and perform other administrative tas

Broker Portal
A USP for providers that allow brokers to enroll new members, download and view broker commissions files and statements, and view the carrier’s sales incentives.

Our portfolio of insurance sales compensation management software solutions is designed for carriers to manage sales channels and optimize sales incentives.

EvolveNXT Products for Healthplans and Agencies

The core component of our software that automates and manages your commissions computation processes, supporting all lines of business while staying compliant with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations.

The access point for producers to utilize EvolveNXT’s sales channel management and execution products like web enrollment, lead management and many more.

A digital enrollment application process that is simpler for sales agents
and increases enrollment approval rate.

A secure document management solutio
n for sharing, viewing, creating and migrating files.

Fully integrated onboarding and contracting solution for external and internal sales brokers and agencies. Automate ready-to-sell certification with EvolveOB’s streamlined workflows

Rank, assign and track your leads from their initial interest to the closed sale.

SPM Software for Insurance Companies

Our compensation management software was built for complex health plans to better manage their sales and commissions. Now loved by many health insurance carriers, it is a great solution for all insurance companies:

  • Commission Payment Calculation: With flexible rule options, our software can calculate complex commissions payments faster in an automated, accurate process.
  • Data Management: EvolveNXT software will manage your extensive amount of data, including documents and reports.
  • Compliant with Regulations: Our solutions are compliant and will help ensure that your company avoids CMS sanctions.
  • Reduce Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Employees: The capabilities of our software allow you to decrease FTEs to save costs.
  • Broker Management: Our solution makes broker management more simple with features like the self-service producer portal.
  • Automated Workflows: Save time and resources by automating redundant processes.

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