EvolveOB is an end-to-end producer onboarding and hierarchy management solution built specifically to manage the certification and contracting of brokers and agencies selling health insurance for our health plan clients. Integration with NIPR and background check vendors, as well as a training management system allows for an integrated and streamlined broker experience and guarantees efficient ready-to-sell management.

Producer Onboarding and Contracting Automation

The best in the business.

Streamlined Producer Experience
Manage the entire broker and agency onboarding process in one user friendly and intuitive workflow.

NIPR and Background Vendor Integration
API connection with NIPR for real-time licensing and appointment validations, as well as background check integration to meet the highest compliance requirements.


Complex Hierarchy Management
Manage the onboarding and certification of complex hierarchies with up to 99 sales levels and splits between direct pay and licensed brokers with ease.


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