EvolveLeads is a feature within our EvolveNXT broker portal that allows producers to manage sales leads from initial interest to closed sale. As an insurance carrier, offering your agencies and brokers this feature can be extremely valuable to increase sales.

With EvolveLeads, you can assign leads based on proximity (geo-location API), performance metrics, or custom-defined logic. From there, dispositions requiring follow-up actions automatically create events for the producers in an integrated calendar.

To learn more about this feature, or how EvolveNXT software suite can accelerate your sales channels, contact us for a software demonstration.

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Track Your Sales Leads

Our comprehensive lead management features provide the sales team with an easy to use platform and intuitive design that reduces training time and boosts overall adoption rates.

No More Missed Opportunities

A Solution to Improve Sales Performance

As leaders in the industry for more than a decade, we understand the importance of prioritizing leads and tracking progress.

  • Effectively prioritize leads as they come in.
  • Automatically assign leads to the right salesperson whether by performance or region.
  • Coordinate and plan your sales follow up so that opportunities don’t get missed.

Unique Features of Our Custom Solution

Simple & Easy To Use
Our solution requires less effort of your sales team and streamlines the experience.

Accessible Across Devices
From the office to the road, our software is accessible wherever you are.

Inbound and Outbound Communication
Our platforms offers Integrated Voice over IP, Text and Email messaging.

Effective Lead Distribution
Automatically assign leads based on proximity (geo-location API), performance metrics, or custom-defined logic.

Lead Efficiency
Define lead re-assignment parameters. Move expiring leads from inactive agents to top-performers.

Intelligent Workflows
Integrate your tasks with your calendar.

Measure Lead Conversion
Create and export reports to gain valuable insight on the performance of your sales campaigns.

Integrate with EvolveEnroll
Once a lead has converted to a client, the system will automatically generate a web application.

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