An End-to-End Agency Management Solution

EvolveNXT provides an agency management solution designed to save valuable time and money. Our powerful solutions assist with lead management, commission distribution, and agency on-boarding in one cloud-based solution.

Focus on Growing Your Membership

EvolveNXT's Agency Solution

EvolveNXT offers Agencies the ability to minimize the amount of valuable time spent on managing and onboarding sales agents, effectively. Our Agency clients dedicate more time to growing the sales channel and incentivizing downlines with tiered goals. Our automated software solution simplifies the process from managing complex commission structures to efficiently meeting the needs of the sales channel. Our solution enables our agencies to strengthen the relationship with the sales channel so they can focus on growing their membership.


The Suite of Solutions


Our core offering is EvolveICM- our commission calculations software for agencies. Instead of spending hours and vital resources calculating complex compensation payments to agencies and brokers, let our automated program do it for you. With more than 1,000 configurable and flexible rule options, EvolveICM will generate accurate figures in less than 10 minutes, even for large payments.

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EvolvePortal serves as the access point for sales channel members. It integrates all of the modules for a comprehensive overview of your data with everything in one place, including sales incentive notifications, communication networks, book of business management, commission statements and more.

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EvolveLeads processes, manages and distributes leads to your sales channels, prioritizing qualified leads and assigning them to the correct broker. You can also track your lead progress and organize follow-up meetings to boost conversion rates.

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EvolveProducer helps to manage and audit administrative workflows. This module supports third-party integrations. One of its features is self-service for your agents, enabling them to upload and maintain their sales data and credentials in the system.


EvolveDocs is a secure portal where essential business files can be stored, managed, and filed. You can set permissions for viewing certain documents to maintain confidentiality. All files are stored on our servers for added security.

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Grow Your Business
Leverage the unique benefits of our platform to reduce time spent on manual tasks.

Seamless Integration
Customize a suite of solutions to seamlessly manage all facets of your business, from commissioning to onboarding sales agents.

Motivate Your Team
Incentivize downlines with tiered goals.

Increase Transparency
Our on-demand access allows each member of the sales channel to have real-time data to support their business.

Build Relationships
Provide your sales channel with effective tools that will grow confidence and improve efficiency.

Automate Manual Tasks
Rather than processing statements manually, leverage our platform to build a book of business and easily distribute payments to downlines.

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