Commissions Payments

Commissions Management Software

EvolveICM is the incentive compensation management module of our SPM software built for insurance companies.

This solution is built to help carriers automate commission calculations, saving the time and resources involved with completing this task manually.

You can take control of the performance of your sales channels while automating processes, establishing incentive programs and more.

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Commissions Payments Modules

Incentive Compensation Management
Over 50 US health plans trust EvolveNXT to calculate complex commission payments accurately, pay them on schedule, and always CMS compliant. Brokers and agencies can access top quality reports through the Evolve Portal: detailed commission statements, book of business, application status, payment history, end of year tax documents, performance analytics and much more.
Evolve PAY
Collects and maintains the banking information of your broker channel securely through the portal and directly integrates with your bank to transmit ACH and paper check transactions, including response files and error corrections, as well as generating end of year 1099 report.
Self Service Hierarchy Change System
Allows brokers to request hierarchy changes in their EvolveNXT portal. Self service system manages the lifecycle of requests and executes hierarchy changes without manual support of health plan administrations.
Evolve PDB
Evolve PDB seamlessly links with NIPR, facilitating efficient management of Broker Producer Database (PDB) records for your sales brokers. It grants instant access to crucial broker information, including licenses and appointment records, all centrally managed through NIPR. This vital PDB data supports the management of broker sales eligibility and ensures compliant compensation practices.

Remain in Compliance with Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Regulations

Compliance is a top priority for insurance carriers as they provide plans and monitor agents. Our software helps you make sure that you are staying compliant.

Stimulate Your Sales Growth

With complex incentive programs for your agents, you can encourage them to achieve higher conversions, benefiting your team as well as your profit margins.

Improve Operational Efficiency

Our broker commissions computation software automates time-intensive processes like payment calculation and statement creation, leading to greater efficiency for your team.

Support All Lines of Business

For insurance companies that provide health insurance, life insurance or another insurance type, our insurance sales compensation software will support you on all fronts.

Key Features of Our Broker Commissions Computation Software

In addition to automatic calculations and payments, our insurance compensation management software includes many features:

Integrate with Third-Party Systems
Our software easily integrates with third-party systems for everything you need in one pl

Automated Commissions Process
Automate redundant processes like scheduling file transfers and releasing

Conditional Payment Calculations
You can set up payments according to custom conditions, like plan, region, broker, contract,
market and group.

Configurable Rules for Commission Events
Our software allows you to set up complex commissionable events like AOR, plan changes and rapid d
isenrollment adjustments.

Competitive Incentive Structures
Gain a competitive advantage and grow your sales channel with complex cu
stomizable incentive structures.

Unlimited Hierarchy Levels
Configure unlimited hierarchy levels for internal and external sales channels and compu
te commissionable events at each level.

Simplified Incentive Payments
At every level, you can
redirect or advance payments or assign payees.

Flexible Negative Balance Management
Control internal billing and retroactive adjustment logic.


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