Contracting & Certification

EvolveNXT recognizes the complexities and demands of the broker contracting and certification process in today’s digital-first world. To address these challenges, we are proud to offer a cutting-edge suite of modules specifically designed to streamline and enhance the electronic contracting and certification processes for brokers. Our solutions are engineered to simplify the administrative burdens and improve the accuracy and speed of broker management tasks.

From Broker Onboarding to Background Checks and Appointment Management, EvolveNXT’s line of contracting and certification modules make it easy to stay CMS compliant and ahead of the competition.

Contracting and Certification Modules

EvolveOB is an all-encompassing broker onboarding and contracting platform, incorporating compliance processes such as background checks, training, and appointment modules into a single, unified system.
Integrated Background Check
EvolveIBC enhances broker compliance standards by offering real-time integration with top background check vendors. This feature streamlines the automation of background check procedures for both brokers and agencies, ensuring efficient and seamless operations.
Producer Portal and Notification Management
The Producer Portal and Notification Management system is a comprehensive platform for insurance agents and brokers, providing easy access to account management, training resources, document handling, and real-time notifications. It streamlines administrative tasks, ensures up-to-date information on book of business changes, and offers tools for communication and performance analytics, all in one centralized location.
Appointment Management
Through seamless NIPR integration, it supports real-time management of appointment requests and terminations, guaranteeing compliance and promoting cost-effectiveness.

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