Commissions Management Software for Insurance Companies

The insurance industry faces unique challenges when it comes to commissions management. Transparency for the brokers, compliance with government regulation, and automation for effective time management are required for success. Our commissions management software for insurance carriers improves operational efficiency while enabling teams to reach optimal sales performance.

Our Commissions Software for Insurance Sales

Manually determining commission payments and completing other business tasks consumes valuable resources and can result in costly errors. Commissions software for insurance carriers expedites the process while offering the following advantages:

Quick Commission Payment Calculation
Our program can calculate an eight-figure payment in as little as 10 minutes.

Conditional Payment Options
Calculate payments based on custom parameters or by plan, region, broker type and more.

Automated Commission Processes
Automate the entire commission payment process. From enrollment data integration and calculations to payment file creation and statement distribution.

Integrate with Third-Party Systems
Integrate EvolveICM with third-party products for broker certification, enrollment data, CRMs and more.

Unlimited Hierarchy Level Configurations
Configure an unlimited number of hierarchy levels with unique commissionable events for each level.

Complex Incentive Payments
At every level, advance or pro-rate payments, assign payees or redirect payments.

Configurable Commissionable Events
Create rules for multi-plan commissionable events like AOR changes and plan changes.

Negative Balance Management
Use retroactive adjustment logic and robust chargeback to manage negative balances.

While EvolveNXT products specialize in health care, EvolveICM is available for any commissions-based sales channel.

Benefits of Insurance Commissions Calculation Software

EvolveICM is our industry-leading commission software for insurance carriers. The program is built to help companies with commission calculations as well as sales channel management between internal agents, external agencies and brokers.

Key features of our EvolveICM software include:

Remain in Compliance with Industry Regulations

The regulations set forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) can be complicated. Our commissions software is compliant and will help you avoid sanctions and fees.

Support All Lines of Business

EvolveICM commissions calculation software will support your business efforts, no matter your insurance niche.

Improve Internal Efficiency

Commissions payment calculations are automatic and streamlined with our programs, which use real-time data to calculate accurate numbers in minutes.

Grow Sales

The incentive goals built into the software will encourage your sales brokers to generate more sales and conversions, leading to higher profits.

Increase Accuracy

Automated workflows and software formulas are more accurate than manual calculations, which can be prone to error. The EvolveICM software uses real-time data for calculations, ensuring the payment amounts will be precise.

While EvolveNXT products specialize in health care, EvolveICM is available for any commissions-based sales channel.

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Since 2011, EvolveNXT has provided insurance carriers with cutting-edge software programs that reduce costs while encouraging sales growth. Our solutions can help you take care of business tasks like calculating commission payments, managing your sales channel, and ranking and tracking leads.

EvolveICM is our flexible and powerful commissions calculation software for insurance producers. To see our product in action, request a demo today. You can also learn more about how EvolveNXT can help grow your company by contacting us online.