Medicare Commissions

Medicare Commissions Management Software

Medicare is a highly regulated industry, and managing commissions is crucial to remain in compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Medicare commissions software helps health insurance companies track and manage sales commissions to ensure brokers receive accurate compensation on time and verify that the company follows all regulations.

Why EvolveICM Commissions Software for Medicare?

Calculating commission payments can be complicated due to the many variables that factor into pay, such as base salaries, incentives and bonuses. Commissions software for Medicare calculations takes care of this task automatically, streamlining the process for faster payments.

Reasons to invest in a software solution include:

Navigate Complex Compliance Regulations

Compliance is essential for health insurance carriers, as there are costly penalty fees for failure to comply. Medicare commissions calculation software offers a clear view of the process and will help your company meet regulations.

More Accurate and Faster Calculations

Inaccurate payments are often the result of manual calculations, which can take weeks to prepare. Medicare commissions management software uses real-time data to create accurate calculations and allows you to pay your sales channel more quickly.

Improve Broker Channel Relations

Automating the commission calculation process helps support broker relationships. Brokers can see their earned commissions in real-time and trust their accuracy due to the increased transparency.

Automate Your Processes to Save Time and Cost

Manually determining payments can take hours to complete, yet commissions software for Medicare calculations automates the process and decreases the time investment. This saved time allows your team to focus on other efforts and rely on the software to determine and manage payments.

EvolveICM Is the Top Medicare Commissions Software Product

The most complex and highly regulated commissions are paid to Medicare brokers. Our ability to manage and automate the Medicare compensation while guaranteeing CMS compliance is one of the many reasons EvolveNXT is the vendor of choice for carriers of all sizes.

Features of EvolveICM include:

  • Rapid commission payment calculations in as little as 10 minutes
  • Conditional incentive structures based on group, market, region and more
  • Fully automated commission process from transferring payment files to releasing statements
  • Manage complex incentive payments, including redirecting and advancing payments at every hierarchy sales level
  • Configure unlimited hierarchy levels for internal and external sales channels
  • Complex chargeback and adjustment capabilities to manage negative balances
  • Built to service the unique incentive programs of all sales channel types like external brokers and agencies, telesales vendors, internal teams and more.
  • Avoid costly change orders with highly flexible and configurable incentive programs
  • Native integration with third-party systems to process data and files

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EvolveNXT works with health insurance carriers to provide solutions for Medicare commission calculations. Our software was originally built for complex CMS regulations, so you can trust that it will work with your business needs to provide accurate and timely payment information. We have partnered with health insurance companies since 2011 to help increase sales and streamline workflows.

To see how our Medicare sales commissions software will benefit your company, request an EvolveICM product demo or learn more about how we can help by contacting us today.